RFP for “Get Around the Western U.P.” Website Redesign

WUPPDR has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to identify and establish a contract with a website developer to redesign the existing website at http://www.getaroundwup.org. The purposes of the redesign include giving the website a fresh appearance, modernizing media elements, and reorganizing pages for a more user-friendly experience.

The RFP can be viewed here: “Get Around the Western U.P.” Website Redesign 2019

Below are answers to questions that have been received (due 3:00 pm EDT on June 14, 2019):

  1. QUESTION: For section 2.3.1 – To what extent do additional menu items need to be added by WUPPDR staff? [proposed approach described] While a user could likely add a page or remove a page, additional developer time could be needed if resizing, reorganizing, etc of the menu is required.
    ANSWER: It is unlikely a user would need to add or remove more than one page under normal circumstances. It may be necessary for a user to replace one menu item with another or change the text of a menu item. If all of these can be accomplished without additional developer support, this would be an acceptable scenario.
  2. QUESTION: Can you elaborate further on section 2.1.8 “Creation of a website map”
    ANSWER: This can be as simple as a hierarchical text listing of the pages on the website showing how they are organized. This feature (once more common than now) typically is accessed as a separate page linked from the website footer.
  3. QUESTION: For section 2.3.9, Is a mobile responsive version of the site acceptable? This would provide automatic content resizing from desktop to tablet to phone. It would provide a mobile compatible version of the website but technically not a standalone dedicated mobile version.
    ANSWER: What you have described is acceptable.
  4. QUESTION: Our team utilizes multiple platforms. We understand WordPress will not be used for this site. For your situation, we would recommend Drupal. Do you have an opposition to this or did you have a specific platform in mind when making this request?
    ANSWER: We do not oppose Drupal and had no specific platform in mind.
  5. QUESTION (map creation):
       a. Are you referring to the maps that are utilized on this page (https://www.getaroundwup.org/non-motorized/maps/) or are you looking for interactive maps?
       b. If you are looking for interactive maps, do you have examples of what features you want on the map? What functions will the map have?
    ANSWERS: See answer to question #2. To clarify: Any geographic maps for the website will be created by WUPPDR staff, most likely as PDF. There will be no need as part of this project to integrate them other than through the placeholders for maps and thumbnails (i.e. thumbnail of screenshot that will ink to the PDF map) mentioned in the Scope of Work 3.a. The particular maps in part “a” of your question will be eliminated from the website.
  6. QUESTION: If we are doing a logo, we have concerns about finishing it in the proposed timeline. Adding a logo will add on a minimum of 2-3 weeks. Are you willing to push the timeline for a new logo?
    ANSWER: Since a logo is optional, if you require a later deadline for a logo, we suggest presenting it as a separate component with its own cost (within the $9,000 limit for the entire RFP) and timeline so that we may choose whether or not to include it and so that we have flexibility in comparing your proposal to others we receive.
  7. QUESTION: Do you want the contact form to send the contact form results to multiple emails within your organization or should the person receiving the emails change based on the inputs to the form?
    ANSWER: The form will send to one or more standard points of contact within our organization. There will be no need to direct to certain recipients based on inputs to the form.
  8. QUESTION (timeline):
       a. You say to see a website draft by September 3 and that you will respond with feedback and changes by September 13. Is this for design only?
       b. By final website, do you mean ready to launch? Does the site need to be ready to go online by September 27, 2019? Or do you just mean ready for training and content by September 27?
    ANSWERS: We foresee changes only to correct major errors or significant unexpected design issues. If the web developer maintains good communication throughout, this should not be an issue. The final website needs to be ready by September 27 for entry of content by WUPPDR staff, and we will need the ability to publicly launch it with minimal web developer assistance once content is complete. These are details that can be arranged as part of a contract.
  9. QUESTION: With committees, we often find we get conflicting feedback. Will one person be our point of contact that will condense all feedback for us?
    ANSWER: Yes.