WUPPDR Commission

The Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Region (WUPPDR) is a Regional Planning Commission formed in 1968 under Michigan Public Act 281. The Commission is currently composed of the following member governments: six counties (Baraga, Gogebic, Houghton, Iron, Keweenaw, and Ontonagon), two cities (Hancock and Houghton), two charter townships (Calumet and Portage), and the Village of Ontonagon. A variety of services are available to these members.

The group of individuals serving on the WUPPDR Commission includes 1) at least one representative of each local government member and 2) a remainder including at least 51 percent elected officials. The composition of the remainder and total number of commissioners are otherwise at the discretion of the Commission. The overall composition should represent a variety of the Region’s public and private economic elements.

Individuals serving on the Commission are appointed by the member units for two-year terms and may be re-appointed as often as the member units desire. The Commission has five officer positions which rotate biennially amongst the counties. In order to allocate the five positions to six counties, the county filling the Chairman position for any given two-year term will be left out of the rotation for the following term. The officers and (optionally) additional representatives of the counties comprise an Executive Committee which meets and acts in lieu of the full Commission. Actions of the Executive Committee are subject to review by the full Commission.

Individual commissioners serve as spokespersons for each county but also give special consideration to regional development issues of a broader scope. Flow of information between the appointing member unit and the individual commissioner is not simply a delegation from the member unit. Commissioners are also responsible for informing their appointing units of the status and activities of the Commission.

WUPPDR Full Commission Roster (as of April 2019)