Regional Planning

WUPPDR provides planning assistance to local governments to address a broad range of issues at the local, county and regional levels. Through a planning process that involves research, public input, and technical assistance, programs in support of economic development, protection of the environment, and the improvement of the quality of life are undertaken. Specific areas of concern include recreation, historic preservation, transportation, housing rehabilitation, solid waste management, hazard mitigation, and public infrastructure improvements.

Program areas include community and regional planning, informational/GIS services, grant writing/administration, and regional review.

Community and Regional PlanningERlighthouse01

WUPPDR works closely with member units of government throughout the region to assist in local land use and community planning. Staff provides both technical and advisory services and when advantageous to the locality, WUPPDR teams with local, regional, and/or national planning consultants to provide a comprehensive approach to address the local planning issues.

Doc1Informational/GIS Services

 WUPPDR provides technical assistance to units of government, private and public businesses, students, and local citizenry requesting general information about the Western Upper Peninsula via regional resources such as demographics, land use, transportation, mapping and other growth related indicators.

 Grant Writing/Administration

Depending on the project and availability, our staff can assist local units of governments with the preparation of grant applications and administration of State and Federal grants related to housing, solid waste, water and sewer, transportation, recreation, historic preservation, economic development, environmental, hazard mitigation and more.

Regional Review

WUPPDR serves as the regional clearinghouse for most Federal and State funded programs. Through this role, WUPPDR enhances intergovernmental coordination and encourages opportunities for public comment on projects of regional significance.

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