Transportation Planning

WUPPDR has partnered with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to provide regional transportation planning services for over 30 years. WUPPDR has worked in partnership with MDOT to assist in fulfilling a number of federal planning requirements through the Regional Transportation Work Program.

Elements of the Work Program include:


WUPPDR provides program administration, management, support and financial information to satisfy the requirements of the Federal Highway Administration and MDOT.

Technical Assistance to MDOT

WUPPDR assists in various tasks to update the statewide long range transportation plan (Michigan Transportation Plan) and the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).  This includes coordination and hosting of public involvement meetings as required specifically for the Michigan Transportation Plan and STIP process.

Public Involvement

WUPPDR assists MDOT in providing the public an opportunity to review and comment on activities related to MDOT Programs.

Highway Performance Monitoring SystemPicture 143

WUPPDR coordinates efforts to acquire traffic counts for the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) for sample segments annually.

Technical Assistance to Member Agencies

WUPPDR provides services to local transportation entities to improve existing and new multimodal transportation systems and identify actions to improve the regional transportation system.

Asset Management

WUPPDR provides technical assistance to the Asset Management Council as required by Public Act 499 of 2002, which includes coordinating Paser ratings with local county road commissions and MDOT on Act 51 roads in the region.

Access Management

WUPPDR assists MDOT in developing Access Management Corridor Plans, reviewing site plans for new corridor development, and building support for access management.  WUPPDR is currently a member of two corridor advisory teams, which serve highways US 41/M-26 in Houghton County and US 2 in Gogebic County.

Rural Safety Planning

WUPPDR assists in conducting rural safety planning to increase or create awareness for safety and encourage formation of cross-discipline safety partnerships at the local level.

Non-Motorized Mapping and Investment Planning

WUPPDR regionally coordinates and facilitates non-motorized planning activities for MDOT.

Transit Promotion and Improvement

WUPPDR has developed and maintains the “Get Around the Western U.P.” website ( to provide information about public and private transit services in the region, including such service areas and times, routes, fares, and contacts. The website also has some information about carpooling and trail systems.

For information regarding WUPPDR’s Transportation Program please contact:

Jerald Wuorenmaa, Executive Director
Phone: 906.482.7205  ext. 111