Target Market Analyses (TMAs)

Residential TMAs
Leveraging RPI 2014-15 funding from the three U.P. prosperity regions, LandUseUSA was hired to complete residential target market analyses (TMAs) for the 15 counties of the U.P. TMAs consider the characteristics of specific population groups within a community and evaluate the appropriate housing mix to accommodate their preferences and thus market potential for housing development. Below are links to the six county residential TMAs and a supplementary “regional workbook” in PDF format:

Retail TMAs
WUPPDR also procured LandUseUSA, with 2014-15 RPI and local match funding, to conduct Retail Target Market Analyses for 11 communities comprising six market areas in the Western U.P. The retail TMAs evaluate existing market conditions, oversupply, and undersupply, and make recommendations for retail areas in which to promote growth. The retail TMA communities were incorporated into five county documents and a supplementary regional workbook, all linked below in PDF format: