What We Do

Our Mission is to foster stable and diversified economies in the Western Upper Peninsula.

Following is a list of our current grants and technical assistance projects and the staff person responsible for each. Grants are external funding sources for specific projects or programs. Technical Assistance consists of project assistance (planning, mapping, demographic analysis, etc.) to local governments at their request on a fee-for-service basis.

Grant                                                             Staff
EDA Planning 2018-2020 Wuorenmaa
EDA L’Anse Industrial Park 2014-2019 Hyttinen
MDOT Regional Planning 2017-2019 Wuorenmaa & Pressley
MDOT Asset Management 2017-2019 Rouser & Mingay
MDOT Rural Task Force 2017-2018 Rouser
MEDC Programs Multiple
Regional Prosperity Initiative Pressley, Yu, & Mingay
FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plan Updates Pressley, Yu, & Mingay
Technical Assistance Project Staff
Houghton County GIS Rouser
Redevelopment Ready Communities Self Evaluations Multiple
Community Solar (DEED, MDARD, DOE) Yu
Local Agency PASER Rouser
WUPEAP Energy Audits (USDA) Yu
Quarterly Newsletter Pressley
Federal Reviews Hyttinen
Website Pressley
Social Media Pressley, Yu, & Hyttinen

All members of the WUPPDR team contribute in multiple ways to each of the projects and grants for which WUPPDR is responsible.